Unsere Freunde von soulsearchers haben wieder einen wunderbaren Artikel geschrieben:

there is nothing as important as lucky charms on my bike. since cycling is foremost something that you have to overcome in your head, these little trinkets will make you go the extra mile.

since i can remember these little things have been on my bike, a japanese good luck charm from a monastery, a totoro and stickers. well the stickers come and go, but this japanese little thing that hangs on my saddle somehow protects me on my travels and keeps me safe from harm. it is a mind thing i totally admit it, but it is a thing that gives me a good feeling. something that can make the stars align when needed, i know it’s all in my head 😉

but honestly cyclists have been under the influcence of luck and believing in trinkets all their lives, just check cycling caps for salt stains, never to be washed because their respectful rider rode exceptional well in that cap on that day. or the incredible “lucky socks” nobody ever goes for a race without their lucky socks, washed of course.

but what does a dead object that we wear give us ?

well it gives us hope that we can get it done,that we can climb that hill, master that descent and keep up with the peloton. and sometimes it does give you an extra boost just like music you hear that uplifts you and can give you that extra edge over the competition.

ladies, if you value your relationship, always and i mean ALWAYS check if you throw in a salty crusty cycling cap into the wash. it might end a cycling career….


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