Summertime and livin‘ is easy – June 2013

Johann invited us to his fabulous, amazing, great kind of a farm in Voigtsdorf in the „Uckermarck“.

Great country to ride and enjoy the summer with friends.1004421_481277448619677_1782393323_n

Basti, who organized everything planed the trip as a usual groupride and a 150km alleycat!

Yeah, it’s true – 150km racing -start to finish – and there were really some freaks who were dare to do this, but only three of them who beared up. Silvio did it in 4something hours, half way with a partner, half way alone – so it was an amazing job!

Arriving at Johann’s it was just a pleasure. Why? – See yourself:

424489_403729566410439_1709262517_n 935901_10201510888073895_1399794987_n 1000057_691860110840068_1040029656_n 1044517_10201510887553882_534865718_n 1044792_10201510886833864_1412638629_n6181_10201510438022644_1482382070_n 7440_10201506004191801_1182869810_nIt’s hard to describe how wonderfull it was to be there and to enjoy the nature and the great ride. So if you wanna know more about how we ride – just join us next time!


And Johann – thanks again so much!

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