Keeping a promise

Last year on our tour to Kopenhagen we met Klausi and his Papagei at the open-air bath in Werben and we promised to come back.

It was the 6.Juli when we started early in the morning (9:00 is early for a saturday) and went off to Werben.
We were about 20 riders plus our senior cook Burkhard and our car driver Klausi (he’s just the same name as our hero of the weekend, little confusing).
First challenge: going out of berlin – and thats much harder than it seems to ‚couse you’ll have to go all the way through the city and all the way long Heerstraße. Why I mention the Heerstraße? This street is more than 10km long, has 695 house numbers, some even with a/b/c in it, and slits in 5 postcodes. These are kind of unneccessary facts to know, but extremly important as you might work as a courier and be asked to deliver something to Heerstraße.


First break at the Outletcenter out of berlin to have breakfast at Mc Donalds. Not too healthy but good energy base for the next 100something kilometers.

We decided to do all the things we did last year. Same breaks, same jokes, same whatever…

So the next destination had to be Friesack to have icecream and cake in a very nice small cafe. It seems as if it is the icecreamwomen’s livingroom – comforable and cozy and of course the sweets are tasty.

Just a stone’s throw away is a beautiful natural see. A quick refresh and we were all back on the road. Only 70km more to go but we didn’t know that time that they will be tricky a little longer for some of us.


The high flood of the Elbe some weeks ago ruined villages, destroied a lot of fields and even streets were – we don’t know where they are but they weren’t there anymore wich couses – YES! – walking and carrying our bikes through road works. Afterwards – fun – at that time we were not amused, especially those who tried to take the diversion route which didn’t work as well.



We ferried over the Elbe (not without our boys having a little challange in „ferry track stand“) and just a moment later we were at Klausi’s.


Burkhard prepared the dinner – steaks, potatoas and cream, some vedges and fruits, while the rest of us build up their tents and went swimming.


Foto 06.07.13 21 26 07998168_543460002384651_1683892479_n

The evening was fun and the night for some of us maybe to short.
The next day was used for swimming and having fun in the pool with the whole crew before going back to berlin in the afternoon.

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Some took the train, most of us rode back the great route.

A grear weekend with great people in a small paradise somewhere in germany.
And it wasn’t the last time we visited Klausi – we promise!!!

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